Our famous pita bread is handmade from scratch and baked fresh daily.

Hommous Vegetarian option

Regular or Spicy. 9.99 | Side 6.49

Baba Ghannouj Vegetarian option

Smoked eggplant blended with lemon and spices. 9.99 | Side 6.49

Appetizer Trio Vegetarian option

A combination including hommous, baba ghannouj, and 2Booli. 12.99

Falafel Vegetarian option

Served with tomatoes, radishes, lettuce, tahini, and pickled turnips. 10.29


Grape Leaves Vegetarian option

Vegetarian or Beef. 11.49

Fried Kibbee

Beef and bulgur wheat stuffed with spices, onions, and pine nuts. 12.99

Meat Pie

Spiced beef, onions, tomatoes, and pine nuts wrapped and baked in a light crust. 11.49


Vegetarian optionVegetarian option.